EKF National Referee Course & EKF Coach Tatami Accreditation Course 

Posted by sonny - 2022-01-23 12:48:56

EKF National Referee Course for Kumite/ Kata & EKF Coach Tatami Accreditation Course 

Sunday 27th March 2022

Honeywell Campus, Honeywell Lane, Barnsley S75 1BP

EKF National Referee Course for Kumite and Kata/ Coach Tatami Accreditation Course


The Referee course is for National Referees and Judges who currently hold a valid EKF qualification 

Referee and Judges who do not hold any national EKF qualifications must attend the regional courses 

Please make sure you have a up to date EKF licence No.

All referees must be in official uniform  

9.30 am Registration 

Kumite theory for officials 10am to 12.30pm

Theory Exams for officials and coaches 12.30pm to 1pm 

Break 1pm to 1.30pm

Kata Theory for officials 1.30 pm to 3pm

Kata theory exam 3pm to 3.30pm

Kata video exam 3.30pm to 4.30pm

Pass and recycle rates : Theory

Kumite Judge 'C' 70% (Theory)
Kumite Judge 'B' 80% (Theory)
Kumite Judge 'A' 80% (Theory)
Kumite Referee 'B' 85% (Theory)
Kumite Referee 'A' 90% (Theory)
Kumite practical assessment will take place at an EKF National or Regional Event.

Kata Judge 'C' 70% (Theory) 2 of the Top 4 (Video)
Kata Judge 'B' 80% (Theory) Top 4 Any Order (Video)
Kata Judge 'A' 90% (Theory) Top 4 Correct Order (Video)

No Referee or Judge will be passed at a course, but will be given a provisional qualification and then assessments will take place and later at EKF championships

16yrs and above for a judge qualification 

Referees Course fee is £30.00 

Kumite Referee / Kata Judge Course and exam £50.00

European and World Referees course fees are free

Please click on the link below for registration for Referees course




9.30 am Registration

Coaches theory 10am to 12.30pm 

Exam 12.30pm to 1pm  [results 1.30pm]

Coaches please note that in order to coach at EKF and BKF competitions you will need an EKF tatami accreditation

In order to pass the accreditation exam all coaches will need an enhanced DBS and be on the updating service and this must be produced to the EKF repersentive on the course day or with-in 1 month after the exams 

If this not complied with-in the time frames, then no Tatami Accreditation badge will not be issued and the exam process will have to be repeated with full fees to be paid

You must be 18yrs and above , and also at least a Dan grade to be a coach

All Coaches must wear association tracksuits 

Theory Pass rate for the Tatami coaches exam   

70% and above 3 years 

60% and above 2 years 

50% and above 1 year

Please print off the form from the online Registration link and bring it to the course along with 2 passport photos

Tatami Coach accreditation Fee per exam £50.00

Please click on the link below for registration for Tatami Coaches course


All Fees must be paid online on the EKF web site prior to the course, no money will be taken on the day, cut off date is the Wednesday night before the course on the Sunday