EKF Squads returning to training

Posted by sonny - 2021-06-28 18:54:08

On Saturday the Under 18's returned to regional training up and down the country for both Kata and Kumite. 

Sunday seen the National Kata continue there comeback along with the U18 Kumite squad. Unfortunately our senior Kumite Athletes had to remain online. We also continued our work and efforts to make Karate inclusive for all with our National Para Squad training via Zoom.

With potential changes to the governments Covid 19 restrictions, we hope to see all top English competition Karate-ka back together in the dojo soon

Under 18's North Region Kumite Squad training

Under 18's Midlands Region Kumite Squad training

Under 18's South East Region Kumite Squad training

South Region Kata Squad training

North Region Kata Squad training

National Para Squad Training online

National Kata Squad Training

Under 18's National Kumite Squad training