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News 2012

Posted 10th October 2012
WKF YouTube Channel

On occasion of the next World Senior Championships in Paris, the WKF, through the company that is marketing the WKF TV rights for Paris, has created on YOUTUBE a specific channel which will broadcast live all the finals, with the same signal quality as the TV signal that the WKF is producing in Paris.

The images of these demonstrations will be shown on this YOUTUBE channel in the countries without TV signal (that have not bought any rights), what will allow the Championships to be followed worldwide.

This YOUTUBE channel is called WKFKarateWorldChamps and its existence is being divulged through social networks and other means available from the new information technologies. However, I think it is very important for this new promotional support of our sport to be known in the karate world, for which I kindly ask you to cooperate as much as possible. Therefore the attached advertising banners have been designed (see below), so that you can upload one of them onto your Federation’s website establishing the corresponding link following the URL stated below:


I hope you will find this initiative interesting and that it will allow to the fans in your country to follow live the next World Championships to be held in Paris in November, in case it will not exist TV broadcast.

Thank you for you cooperation.

Best Regards,
WKF President, Antonio Espinós Ortueta

The following banners may be downloaded and used on your website:

150 x 150
The Official WKF YouTube Channel

250 x 250
The Official WKF YouTube Channel

468 x 90
The Official WKF YouTube Channel

728 x 90
The Official WKF YouTube Channel

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