Selected Athletes- U21, Junior & Cadet European Championships 2023

Posted by sonny - 2022-12-15 18:11:01

The EKF are proud to announce the following Athletes for the forthcoming U21, Junior & Cadet European Championships in Cyprus. Congratulations to all those selected and we wish you the best of luck with your preparation for February 2023’s event.


Cadet Athletes


Female Cadet –47kg Adela Guirma-Handley

Female Cadet –54kg Shanae Anthony

Female Cadet +61kg Autum Fry

Male Cadet Kata         Thomas Klemz

Male Cadet –52kg      Zachary Attard

Male Cadet –57kg      Logan Wilkins

Male Cadet –63kg      Finn Jansen

Male Cadet –70kg      Jacob Cutler

Male Cadet +70kg      Jake Aston


Junior Athletes

Junior Female kate     Eve Holdsworth
Junior Female – 53kg Chloe Barsby

Junior Female –59kg Cassie Taylor

Junior Female –66kg Jesse Wyman

Junior Female +66kg Chelsea Dolby

Junior Male Kata          Brandon Crowther

Junior Male –55kg      Sam Eagle

Junior Male –61kg      Jack Moran

Junior Male – 68kg     Luke Antony Brigham

Junior Male –76kg      Ashton Patrick

Junior Male +76kg      Karbin Shwani


U21 Athletes

U21 Female Kata        Nicole Turner
U21 Female –50kg     Nimah Cosgrove

U21 Female –55kg     Robin Vincent

U21 Female – 61kg    Rebecca Marshall

U21 Female – 68kg    Isabelle Bailey

U21 Female +68kg     Amber Allsop

U21 Male Kata            James Harrison .

U21 Male –60kg         Ethan Day

U21 Male –67kg         Joseph Flounders

U21 Male –75kg         James Walker

U21 Male –84kg         Christie Horillo

U21 Male +84kg         James Francis