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Liege 4 Nations Tournament September 2008 Report

Early on Friday the 10th of September the Senior Squad travelled from Heathrow to Liege, Belgium to compete in the 4 Nations Tournament.

Other national teams participating were Belgium, France and Holland. After a nights rest the squad prepared themselves for the competition on Saturday afternoon.

The mens team consisted of Jonathan Mottram, Ritchie McMillan, Thomas Canham, Paul Abel, Alton Brown, Loxley Simmonds, Davin Pack and Rory Daniels. The Ladies team were Ashleigh Kenny, Sarah Donnelly, Natalie Williams, Katie Hurry, Amy Thomason.

In the first round it was England V Belgium mens kumite team, England won 2 fights and lost 5, the ladies faired better with a draw and both kata participants won their rounds.

The second round saw England V France, with the mens kumite team putting on a great display by winning 4 fights to 3. The ladies in this round didn't do quiet as well winning 1 fight but losing 3. In kata both Ashleigh and Jonathan gave a good performance but both lost to their French counterparts.

The final round saw England V Holland, again the mens kumite came out on top winning 5 fights and only lost 2. The ladies again fought well and again it was a draw. The kata duo did well with 1 win and 1 loss.

In the overall competition England came third. This was a great warm up for the World Championships in Japan later in the year.

I would like to thank the Belgium Federation for their hospitality and the French Federation for their kind invitation. I would also like to thank Juliette Toney for her hard work as Assistant Coach.

The squads next competition will be in Gravelines, France in October.
Ticky Donovan OBE

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