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News 2010

Posted 2nd December 2010
Update on Sport England Recognition

Dear EKF members,

For your information, I met with Sport England (SE) on 24th November to discuss recognition. I attended with Mike Dinsdale who was able to directly represent the World Karate Federation (WKF). Also present were members of other bodies representing Karate practitioners in this country. The meeting was very positive and I was left with the belief that SE understood and were fully supportive of what the EKF was trying to achieve, both for our members and for everybody involved in Karate in England.

SE were keen to state that recognition was not synonymous with funding. It might, however, allow our elite athletes to apply for sponsorships to facilitate their attendance at international events. There are also other advantages in that SE could help us in setting standards for grass roots training and development.

Two bodies have applied for recognition and SE stated that they would prefer that either both joined together or that one was subsumed into the other. The disadvantage of the first option is that the new body would have to have been in existence for two years prior to any application, so would be ineligible for the 2013-2017 funding period. This would effectively mean that any formal joining would preclude us from possible funding until at least 2018 and this would not seems advantageous to our members at this time.

We are working towards recognition before 2013 as Karate is demonstrably a core participative sport in this country. Some 75,000 people over the age of 16 take part in Karate practice once a week, on average, in England. The EKF is committed to ensuring that the highest standards of safety and the best quality training remain our key objectives, as well as giving our athletes the opportunity to achieve of their best.

Lastly, there was an acknowledgement from outside the EKF that the WKF mandate allows England's participation in the highest level of competition. I have fully explained that we will not jeopardise that mandate by breaches of WKF rules.

I will continue a dialogue with the other groups and will meet with SE again in March 2011.

I will keep you fully updated of any developments.

Carl Lindley
President EKF

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