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News 2019

Posted 5th June 2019
Applications are invited for the National Coaching positions of: National Head Kata Coach, National Head Para Coach and National Head Kumite Coach 

Dear EKF Members,

There have been a number of both on and off line enquiries and discussions about the National Coach Adverts published on the EKF website last week. We would therefore like to outline the rationale and hopefully quell key concerns raised.

The current EKF board reflect the members wishes for change. This desire was democratically and vividly demonstrated at the June 2018 AGM... Fairness, openness and transparency was pledged by the incoming Directors alongside a commitment to govern with the members interests central to all decision making. One of the key areas of our initial review of processes was recognising that there had been a series of appointments to key positions within the EKF that were absent of due process. This activity was deemed inequitable and a resolution made to ensure that all roles, where practical and funded, would be made accessible to all our members through an open and structured application process.

The recruitment for National Coaches does not exclude our current coaches who were amongst the first to learn back in the summer of 2018 of our intent to advertise these roles. It is open to all who believe that they can perform the role. The best candidates will be the applicants who demonstrate through the recruitment process that they are able to deliver the vision for the EKF Squad.

Please note:
WKF Accredited Coach Qualification is an essential requirement to fulfil the role. The EKF will consider applications from individuals who do not posses this qualification provided it is obtained immediately following appointment.

Please send your applications to squadadmin@englishkaratefederation.com

The EKF board wish all applicants the best of luck and look forward to receiving applications from our Karate community.
The EKF Board

About us:

The English Karate Federation (EKF) are the recognised National Governing Body for the World Karate Federation (WKF). 

The English Karate Federation consists of approximately 100 Karate associations and clubs totalling in the region of 25000 members. It is the largest

Karate Federation in the UK and is at the vanguard of working towards unification with other significant governing bodies in partnership with Sport England and the Sport and Recreation Alliance (SRA).

The EKF is a limited Company governed by a Board democratically elected by its members. It is a constituent part of the British Karate Federation.

The EKF believes in openness, clarity and transparency in all activities and governs with the interests of its members at the centre of its decision making.

The EKF advocates Equality of Opportunity for all its members, exercises a robust safeguarding policy and provides guidance, advice and direction on all karate related matters to members and all interested parties.

About the roles:

The English Karate Federation is seeking to appoint to 3 National Coaching positions:

The Coach would be expected to:

Coach the relevant National Male and Female Junior and Senior Karate Squads at all training sessions and International Championships.

Outline a strategy that develops and progresses the national team over 1- 4 years.

Select athletes for the National Team and squads for international matches and championships.

Implement a training programme aligned to the EKF Performance plan.

Lead and conduct no less than 10 National training sessions a year and pre-training as required.

Work closely with the Performance Director(s).

Appoint two Assistant Coaches sanctioned by the Performance Directors. The Assistant Coaches will have their national and international costs covered for pre-determined competitions and for training sessions will receive an allowance in line with the contracting requirement of the role.
Appoint, coordinate and manage the regional coaches and local scouts.


The EKF does not employ any staff but rather pays an allowance to cover the specific tasks set out below. The formal engagement for each position will be as a ‘contractor’ to the EKF. The allowance for each task when aggregated will be £10,000 each year. This is applicable for the National Head Kata Coach and the National Head Kumite Coach.

In the case of the National Head Para Coach, as this role’s initial aim is to establish and develop a Para Squad it will attract an aggregated allowance of £3,000 each year and will be reviewed as the Para Squad is developed.

Role Requirements:

  • The National Head Coach must have proven leadership skills.
  • The National Head Coach must be able to articulate clearly their position to relevant audiences including sponsors, athletes, the board, their peers and officials within partnering organisations such as Local and National Government.
  • The National Head Coach must be able to inspire athletes and coaches and be innovative in their formulation and implementation of their training plans
  • The National Head Coach is expected to conduct themselves at all times to the highest professional standards and adhere to the EKF Code of Conduct.
  • The successful candidate would be expected to travel nationally and internationally to fulfil their roles.
  • The successful candidate will be required to possess / obtain and maintain the appropriate WKF Coaching qualification(s).

Application process: 

Stage one

To apply submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV) outlining your career history, key responsibilities and achievements.
You should also submit a personal statement of no more than 1000 words outlining:

  • Your motivation for applying for this role
  • How you meet the Role Profile and Person Specification

Stage two

Your application will be acknowledged by the EKF within 5 days.

A shortlisting process will be undertaken by reviewing your submission against the requirements of the Role Profile and Person Specification.

Stage three

If shortlisted, you will be called for interview at a venue in or around London or the Midlands.

Candidates selected for interview will be expected to:

  • Deliver a short Presentation on their strategy for progressing the National Team (15 mins)
  • Answer questions from a panel related to their application and the Role Profile / Person Specification (45 mins)

Closing Date for Applications: 5pm Tuesday 25thJune 2019
Appointments to the National Roles is expected to be concluded by end July 2019

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