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News 2010

Posted 8th June 2010
Sport England Statement

To all EKF members,

I would like to provide you with an update on our application for recognition by Sport England as the national governing body for Karate in this country. This has been a lengthy and frustrating process, not least because the demise of Karate England 2005 damaged the credibility of Karate when viewed by some from outside. We put together a ‘Whole Sport Plan’ for the 2008-13 funding period and, though this was as comprehensive as those of just about any other sport, SE demanded that we should be able to prove majority representation. This we were unable to do, as all we could show was that all the associations that made up KE ’05, with very few exceptions, formed the EKF. It is ironic that KE ’05 was recognised without being able to demonstrate their numbers in any more provable way than we can.

In 2009 we learned that changes in SE rules meant that new applications could be made, though not necessarily with funding associated. The benefits would be that we could subsequently apply for funding and that recognition would mean that we could apply to UK Sport to help fund our elite athletes, one of our biggest outgoings. We submitted an application in September 2009, the SE Board sat in March 2010 and, having considered our submission, has not granted approval at this time.

SE stated that in nearly all areas our application was deemed to meet the criteria for recognition, however, there were two key areas where SE felt our application failed to meet the required criteria: Governance and Uniqueness. The Governance criteria covered the way the Federation implements and monitors adherence to its policies such as doping control, equality and child protection. SE also considered that the EKF did not constitute a clear majority for the sport of Karate and therefore deemed the Uniqueness criteria (majority representation) insufficient to grant approval.

We have been giving consideration to an appeal, since the Governance criteria are dependant on our ability to show uptake by our associations and adherence to the policies we have in place. The Uniqueness issue appears insurmountable at present and I do not believe the appeal would succeed because of this. This is regrettable as we undoubtedly represent the majority of Karate practitioners in this country. This is something that we must all work together to find a way to demonstrate objectively.

Please be assured that the Board are committed to ensuring the EKF meets the necessary criteria for recognition and will continue to strive to that end. We have a national governing body of which we can justifiably be proud. I am confident that formal recognition by SE is ultimately inevitable with your help. I will continue to keep you updated.

My best wishes to all of you.

Carl Lindley, President
English Karate Federation

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