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News 2012

Posted 18th December 2012
Two EKF members have become the Youth Charters first Ambassadors For Sport from Karate
Dannielle Woodward, who trains with the BWKU in Scunthorpe, and James Hinchcliffe from the BWKU in Barnsley have become the Youth Charters first Ambassadors For Sport from Karate. Read more »

Mike BillmanPosted 9th December 2012
Mike Billman appointed Deputy Chairman of the World Technical Commission
The English Karate Federation congratulates Mike Billman, who, in the absence of the TC Chairman, due to illness, was appointed Deputy Chairman of the World Technical Commission. Read more »

Posted 19th November 2012
World Championships Paris 2012: A message from the EKF President
Today the England Team travel to Paris to take part in what is very likely to be the most important tournament in the history of Karate. The World Championships begin on Wednesday 21st November. Read more »

Posted 11th October 2012
WKF Official YouTube Channel
On occasion of the next World Senior Championships in Paris, the WKF, through the company that is marketing the WKF TV rights for Paris, has created on YOUTUBE a specific channel which will broadcast live all the finals, with the same signal quality as the TV signal that the WKF is producing in Paris. Read more »

Posted 26th September 2012
Premier Karate-Do Wado-Kai
The EKF welcomes into membership Premier Karate-Do Wado-Kai under Sensei Terry Armsworth 6th Dan.

Posted 18th September 2012
Henshou Isshinryu Karate Academy
The EKF welcomes into membership the Henshou Isshinryu Karate Academy under Sensei Kandiah Raveendran 5th Dan.

Posted 16th September 2012
Karate Hull
The EKF welcomes into membership the Karate Hull club under Sensei Ashley Harrison 3rd Dan.

Posted 20th June 2012
Is your licence valid?
Members are reminded that to participate in any EKF event, they must have a current and valid EKF licence. Due to some abusing the current system, anyone who is unable to produce their licence on request, will be barred from participating in any EKF event including squad training, competitions, referee course, etc. Read more »

Hamish Adam awarded M.B.E.Posted 18th June 2012
Hamish Adam awarded M.B.E.
On Saturday, 16th June 2012, the Queens Birthday Honours List was published and Hamish Adam was awarded an MBE.
Read more »

BKF 4 Nations Wheelchair Kata VideoPosted 17th June 2012
BKF 4 Nations Wheelchair Kata Video
A video from the BKF 4 Nations Championships 2012 on You Tube.
Click here to view »

Her Majesty's Diamond JubileePosted 1st June 2012
Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee
For six decades Her Majesty The Queen has been the symbol of our national identity. She has demonstrated steadfastness, leadership, a devotion to duty and a sense of honour that has guided us through the challenges of this uncertain and changing world.
Read more »

Posted 29th May 2012
WKF Notice re Karate Federation of South Africa
Please note this important notice regarding the Karate Federation of South Africa.
Read more (PDF) »

Posted 1st May 2012
Suzanne Genery
It is with deep sadness that the EKF has learned of the passing of Suzanne Genery. After a period of illness, Suzanne passed away on 30th April 2012. Read more »

Posted 30th April 2012
WKF demonstration event for people with disabilities, Paris November 2012
The World Karate Federation is hosting a demonstration event for people with disabilities, at the World Championships in Paris, November 2012. Read more »

Posted 9th April 2012
Annual General Meeting of the EKF - Message from the President
The Annual General Meeting of the EKF will take place on 29th April in Coventry. In addition to the necessary business of agreeing accounts, I would like to enable all Association representatives to have the opportunity to take part in an informal discussion with the EKF Board, together with the National Coach and Chief Referee on any issues or concerns that they might have about the future of Karate in this country. Read more »

Posted 29th March 2012
EKF AGM 2012
The English Karate Federation Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday 29th April 2012 at 11.00 am. att the HOLIDAY INN, Hinckley Road, Coventry, CV2 2HP Telephone: 0871 942 9021

All attending will need to produce their EKF licence and this must be up to date.

Posted 27th March 2012
New Club - Shotokan Karate do Kenkyujo
The board of the EKF welcomes Shotokan Karate do Kenkyujo under Sensei Gary Lover into membership

Posted 22nd March 2012
New Club - Zetsurin
The board of the EKF welcomes Zetsurin under Sensei Ruth Hickman into membership

Posted 19th March 2012
New Club - Shotokan for Kids
The board of the EKF welcomes Shotokan for Kids under Sensei Craig Johnston into membership

Posted 20th February 2012
Dutch Karate 1, Premier League on 9th & 10th March
To all those planning to enter this event
The EKF Board have again been informed that a letter will be required to confirm your membership of the EKF. Read more »

Posted 14th February 2012
New Club - Red Karate
The board of the EKF welcomes Red Karate under Sensei Chris Brooks into membership

Posted 10th February 2012
3,000,000 Page Views
To all EKF members.
I thought I would share with you another important milestone in the history and development of English Karate. If you look at the top of the EKF website, you will see that we are just about to reach 3 million page views. Read more »

Posted 5th February 2012
Taikai Yorkshire Open Karate Championships Sunday 18th March 2012
Members please note – this is an unauthorised competition and members are reminded that they MUST NOT attend unauthorised events.

Posted 5th February 2012
Wado Karate Union
The board of the EKF welcomes Wado Karate Union under Sensei Tony Heap 7th Dan into membership.

Posted 3rd February 2012
Milano Italian Open Notice
Following a lot of queries about the competition in Milano Italian Open, we would like to inform you that it is out of Karate 1 Premier League events of 2012... Read more »

Posted 30th January 2012
EKF Prize Draw - Great News for EKF Licence Holders!
When you take out an EKF Licence you will be entered into a monthly Prize Draw (only in the month you take your licence). The lucky licence holder will be able to select either a Blitz WKF Kumite Gi or a Blitz Silver Gi ... Read more »

Posted 26th January 2012
Makenki Karate Clubs
The board of the EKF welcomes Makenki Karate Clubs under David Bolsover into membership.

Posted 20th January 2012
Hakken-Do Karate Club
The board of the EKF welcomes Hakken-Do Karate Club under Mark Taylor, 4th Dan Gojo Ryu into membership.

Posted 12th January 2012
England Seikokai Karate Association
The board of the EKF welcomes the England Seikokai Karate Association under Kevin Merriman 5th Dan
into membership.

Posted 3rd January 2012
Paris Open Confirmation Letter
Competitors entering the Paris Open event are reminded that they will require a confirmation letter from the EKF regarding their membership. ... Read more »

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