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News 2014

Posted 23rd May 2014
EKF AGM, 11th May 2014 Report

The EKF AGM was held on Sunday the 11th May 2014. Unfortunately, as has happened previously, when the meeting was called to order it was found to be inquorate. The meeting was adjourned for a short time, in accordance with the Articles to allow any atecomers a chance to attend. However, it was still inquorate after the requisite time.

The board then convened the meeting, in accordance with the Articles, with the AGM agenda as the only item for discussion. The agenda was worked through until the final item, Election of Officers, was reached. At this point David "Ticky" Donovan O.B.E, declared that he was not standing for President leaving two nominations, Mick Billman and John Moreton. The vote was 5 votes for MB and 4 votes for JM, therefore Mick Billman was declared the new EKF President.

A further vote was called for the position of Vice President, for which there were three nominations, Andy Genery, John Moreton, and Ticky Donovan OBE. The votes were, 3 votes for John Moreton and 6 votes for David "Ticky" Donovan O.B.E.

There being 9 candidates for a maximum of 8 directors positions, a further vote was held resulting in the following being chosen as board directors: Sarah Knight, Ivor Thomas, Mark Symonds, Chris Thompson, John De Bono, John Moreton, Steve Coupland, and Simon Coope.

Once again, and in accordance with the Articles, a further meeting was held regarding the position of Treasurer and Company Secretary. John Moreton declared that he wished to resign as a director and Treasurer immediately, however, agreeing to stay until the 25th while a suitable replacement was found. The position of Company Secretary was debated and MB proposed Sarah Knight, who was duly appointed after receiving 7 votes.

Following the Chief Referees report, during which time Dale Gamble tabled a motion, supported by the new president and added to the next agenda, the meeting was closed.

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